magyarul (HU)

Judit Rajk - Contralto

Gábor Csonka - Violin

Gyula Mohácsi - Viola

Horia Dumitrache - Bass Clarinet


CONTRASTON- a musical ensemble was founded in 2013 by the members of the Corelli Consort

CONTRASTON at first sight seems to be an ordinary chamber music ensemble with a solo vocalist accompanied by a classical trio, but instead of a cello or double bass, one can hear a modern woodwind instrument, the bass clarinet, as the  base line . All the instruments, including  the voice, play equally  important roles within the group, as in a classical jazz formation, but their musical diction is based on Baroque concerto tradition.

CONTRASTON's inclinations and convictions are towards the Baroque classics, through the unknown early Baroque composers to the works of Handel, Vivaldi and Bach. They also embrace contemporary composers in their repertoire. The ensemble has begun building a compellingly diverse repertoire for solo contralto voice and instrumental trio, performing works by Baroque composers, by the new generation of contemporary composers. 
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(CONTRASTON, photo: Krisztián Szalay, 2013)


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