2009-2022 Ms. Rajk was working as the artistic manager of the FUGAconcerts at the FUGA Budapest Architectural Centre. For more information, please visit the website of FUGA

Since 1998 Ms. Rajk has been the Board member of the European Cultural Foundation Budapest and in 2009 she was elected as the Head of  the Board.
For more information, please visit the website of the European Cultural Foundation Budapest.

Art Departmentindependent art space in the former studio of László Rajk

Since 2019 Judit Rajk has been a zealous guardian of the legacy of her husband, the world widely known architect, production designer and legendary human rights activist László Rajk (1949-2019) In September 2021 the former atelier of the artist, the so called "Art Department opened its door for the public. Exhibitions, chamber concerts, literary events and public discussions are on the agenda.

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